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Be Proud of your Hallway - Push boundaries but think practical

It's easy to forget that your hallway is not just a walk through, where an amalgamation of shoes and coats gather. The first room that people enter, it should set the tone of your home; be welcoming yet practical, with useful storage and varying zones for it's different uses. You also want to remember that this is a room in your home and it deserves it's own style.  As you don't tend to stay too long in the hallway you can also take some interior risks and make a real statement as you welcome people into your space.

Cohesive with your homes' style 

If your home has a distinct overall look make sure you tie this into your hallway too, whether that be incorporating an accent colour or using similar wood tones in the furniture and wall hangings - be bold, and push it to the max, this is where you can really let your style shine through.

Storage hallway green two tone

We went bold with a two tone wall in Valspar's Wind and the Willows - a bold choice for such a dark space, but it does create a moody atmosphere and we wanted a dark colour to hide any scuffs and the occasional mud splatter (thanks Barney the dog). We kept the second colour a crisp white, which leads  up the stairs so the light from the landing is drawn down. Using mirrors to reflect light is another good way to brighten up a darker room.

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How's it hanging?

Instead of leaving clutter on the floors, keep that space tidy by zoning an area for any bags and umbrellas to hang out the way. Creating an area with a bench if you have the space to do so can create a 'boot room' vibe so you have everything you need to get ready in one space.

 Hallway storage hanging basket

Using our hanging baskets to store any scarves and hats can be a practical option if you still want to have them to hand but don't have room for a unit or console with storage built in. Our woven baskets also offer an easy solution to storing all those must haves like dog leads, reusable shopping bags and doggy bags, so you won't be running round the house next time you need to pop to the shops. Our new hamsa hooks are the perfect way to hang up any bags and baskets.

To hide or not to hide..

If you have the width, I would recommend adding some storage to hide away all the miscellaneous stuff that tends to build up in such a well used space, whether that be shoe storage, a cupboard for gym kit, hats and gloves for the wintery weather or even a place to put the board games (we find that super handy). Go for a floating unit so you can make use of the space underneath with some storage baskets.

Storage for board games in hallway solution

If your hallway doesn't offer enough space for this, I would recommend a stand, it offers hooks, a bench and sometimes even a mirror, and means you can still make a statement but keep it clutter free with only the most used items being stored here for a seamless 'grab it and go'.

Utilise that gallery space

Use frames to draw the eyes up the stairs, and make a statement with some out there artwork - it's the only space you can really push the boundaries as people move through it pretty quickly. Experiment with different colours, go funky with your frame choice, and make use of all that space on the walls!


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