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3 Simple ways to find dried flowers to update your home.

I'm sure you've noticed that using dried grasses and flowers around your home is all the rage right now. It's not just for the home either, from colourful bunches in vases and baskets to amazing cakes decorated like a tropical palm paradise - there are so many great uses for dried grasses - and here is how you can either buy from independents or forage some of your own. 

Where to search for blooms and grasses? 

There are some great places you can buy grasses and flowers already dried and sometimes dyed beautiful colours too, a few of my favourites are:

Bloomz and Bakes 

Founded by Lisa  @urban_flower_studio and Carly @wishuponacupcake_ who joined forces when Covid 19 hit the UK and pressed pause on each of their Wedding businesses. After coming together to start a fundraiser for the NHS they have since launched an online store in June so passionate bakers can purchase some dried beauties for themselves - but nothing is stopping you putting them in a vase also! Find them at @bloomz_and_bakes


Local Florist

Florists will most likely be stocking dried stems from bunny tails to pampas, so shop local and support a small business near you. One of my favourites for arrangements is Gigil & Bloom @gigilandbloom based in Nottingham they post the most amazing bunches on their Instagram and they make wreaths too. 


Another great way to get long lasting blooms is buying them fresh and drying them out before they wilt in water. I like to buy from my local florist Bloom Collective @bloom_collective (the lovely Katy is also my wedding florist) and have kept a few stems when I order from the monthly bouquet delivery. You can also grow some 'easy to dry' flowers in your garden for easy picking - one of my favourites is poppies. Their seed heads once the petals fall off look great painted too.  

The Great Outdoors 

I am lucky enough to live near the countryside, the best place to find delicate grasses is in overgrown fields and along the roadside. So embrace nature, go on a walk with some garden clippers and a bag to gather, and go crazy! Make sure you're not picking from anyones' garden or venture into a field you're not supposed to, but you will be surprised at what you find. The best way to dry out your stems is either lying them flat and spaced out to dry for a week or two, or if you have the space hang them from a string so they don't sag from drying in a vase.



Are you a green fingered gardener who is growing their own stems already? Let me know where you are getting your floral arrangements from! 




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