The Origin of Ethnic Collective Co – Ethnic Collective Co.

The Origin of Ethnic Collective Co

January is always a time for goal setting and looking at the year ahead, and while I sit and plan the future of Ethnic Collective Co its easy to assume that people who stumble upon the brand will instantly know what the brand stands for and what we plan to grow into over time. I realise it is not always that obvious, so I want to share with you how Ethnic Collective Co came to be, and why.

The streets of Marrakech
The art of craftsmanship is a wonderful thing; and experiencing it first hand in Marrakech pretty much took my breath away. Walking down one of the many winding alleyways of the Medina we came across a gentleman whittling chess pieces and honey dippers… with his feet! It was mesmerising! Sitting on the floor whittling away with his wooden machine he was very happy for onlookers to come and watch his pure talent. We bought some honey dippers and he made a little wooden charm, threaded it on a string and gave it to me as a gift. This is a warmness I felt from a lot of the artisans in the Medina, each so welcoming and proud of what they do.
the winding alleys of Djemaa el-Fna
The wonderful treasures we brought home nearly didn’t fit in the suitcase but I knew I would be visiting Morocco again, as there was so much I didn’t manage to buy. The quality of the handmade goods have really impressed me over the years, my tea tray and tea pot still have pride of place in my living room, along with cushions and ashtrays that decorate our home, but also have a story to tell.
The rooftops of the Medina
As I have grown older, I have become more aware of the origin of the products I buy; how and where they are made, and if they are sustainably sourced. Yes you can grab many a bargain on the high street, but at Ethnic Collective Co we want to offer something that little bit special, we offer beautiful home décor, sourced from beautiful places, and you are also supporting small communities and keeping their craft going.
exploring the streets of Marrakech Morocco
I named the business Ethnic Collective Co as the meaning of ethnic references a subgroup with a common national or cultural tradition. I want Ethnic Collective Co to bring together cultures, techniques, traditions and beliefs. I want our community to be supported and our customers to have a greater understanding of where their product is produced and by what methods. I have big plans for this business, and want to visit many countries, building relationships with groups of artisans while sharing their stories with you at the same time.
The name is not meant to ostracise any group, as we want to shine a light on different cultures, sharing the traditions and identifying ones heritage and beliefs.



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