Weaving – Ethnic Collective Co.


Many beautiful soft furnishings can be produced on a loom, from traditional pom pom throws to cushion covers and rugs. We also saw traditional Moroccan robes being made for a popular Moroccan band in Fez. 

Both weavers we met with were called Mustapha, which means the chosen one. Both were so welcoming, happy to share their precious time with us, showing the different products they could make on their loom, both had pure passion. 


Mustapha the Weaver

The older of the 2 Mustapha's, based in Sefrou, was the most humble person we met on our trip. He is a 4th generation weaver, the workshop belonging to his father, and his grandfather before him. He told us that he has so many patterns in his head that we won't be able to produce them all before he dies. Using computer software he is able to plan out intricate designs more quickly, but the true skill is with the artisan, not the software. I asked him if he dreams about weaving, to which he laughs and says of course. Mustapha is the master weaver behind our rugs, named after the man himself.