• Artisan made homeware • Sourced from beautiful places •

About Us

Based in Birmingham, Ethnic Collective Co is run by Sally, who bounces all her ideas off her husband James. 

About Me - Sally - Founder Ethnic Collective Co

"Visiting Marrakech in 2016 opened my eyes to the wonders of Moroccan style. It appealed to me due to its bold designs, beautifully rich colours and the skillset in which was needed to produce such ornate products. I filled my suitcase with treasures, each with its own story of how we bartered and learnings about culture I gained from each artisan.

Having a connection with what you keep in your home is so important, knowing where it has been produced, that it is well made, and that the person who has made it has been paid a fair wage is so important. My mission at Ethnic Collective Co is to bring you beautiful homeware, sourced from beautiful places, where you can understand more about where your product is made, and what communities you are supporting by purchasing."

Sally Hopkins

Founder - Ethnic Collective Co

The name Ethnic Collective Co. came from the desire to range various pieces for the home with a cultural story to tell. We hope to grow our range in time, to offer you pieces from all over the world.