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 Artisans of India


At Ethnic Collective Co we like to be open with our community (that’s what we like to call our customers, partners and artisans). 

We believe that our artisans should be paid fairly for the hard work that they do, producing beautiful and unique handmade wares.

We believe that we should be honest with our partners, working collaboratively to create goods that are sustainable and kind to our planet. 

We believe that our customers deserve to know where their products are made, and that they have contributed to the lives of the people who handcraft them by making a considered purchase through us.

We care about the way your products are made. If they mean something to the artisans who crafted them, we believe they bring even more meaning to the person when they choose to bring them into their space. 

 Our products are not mass produced, they are instead made with love. This is why some items may differ slightly to the photo on our website, but we believe this is all part of their charm and story. 

 Thanks to the work of Casa Amorosa who work with cooperatives throughout India, we are able to see the faces of the incredibly talented artisans that make the products we sell. All product is sourced ethically, with vendors being visited regularly to ensure our values of quality craftsmanship and ethical production are met.